Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mostly about Maddison!

Maddison with her bed hair entertaining Samuel ;-)

Yesterday morning her school phoned me to say she had a high temp could I come. So picked her up and after half an hour at home (her temp was dropping) she took herself off to bed and was asleep 5 minutes later! I had to wake her at 3pm so we could get Aaron off the bus (she'd slept for 4 hours!!!). I've kept her home today, but she's fine and is asking for "sumtheng to eat"!! :-) So she's herself again hehee
This sideways things is really ticking me off!!!
Anyway I've done 3 more LO's for our holiday album - all of Maddison's birthday last year.

I had a packet of 8x8 Pink Paislee papers that I got in NZ in a special bin somewhere and I hadn't even opened it! (typical) so I thought I see how many I could use on Maddison's birthday LO's! ;-)

Bit of "Dear Lizzy" ribbon in there too. I have journalled on the make a wish LO, just did it after I took the photo! Another bling ladybug! But I have really learnt my lesson ... no more bling until I use up what I have. They are very very hard to get off the plastic backing sheet and then it just sticks to its self when I've had them for ages! Probably took me 20 minutes to stick that silly little blue bug down! (I was so tempted to bin the jolly thing!) Anyway that's why it's a bit mishapped! I'm blaming the fact I've left it too long before using it and the glue has gone yucky.

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Sharon Corn said...

Hello Rachel...

Very pretty LOs you have here. On a roll eh? Well its looking great.

Ditto that on the laundry washing, its never ending. It'll get more when I have kids. hahahha..

Penny said...

noice noice!

Anonymous said...

wow you have the patience of a saint with the bling/bug thing :-)

Love that cake for Miss M's birthday, that was an impressive cake.

Cindy Lee said...

Samuel is growing really fast!! Love the layouts! So pretty and sweet!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

she's okay now i hope? nasty bugs going around here!

Mrs Frizz said...

it's amazing really how much the littlies change during that time. Little Miss M looks so grown up now ... love that lady bug cake.