Monday, October 11, 2010


A few photos of swimming :-) Grandma took Samuel for his first swim on Saturday ... not one smile to be had! He wasn't sure what to make of it! Mind you the water is cold when you first get in hehee

Maddison trying to strap herself to the deck chair!
Samuel inspecting the fountain. Maddison is telling him all about it :-)
Then she took his hand to touch it, but his gaze was fixed somewhere else!

Doing the taste test!
Aaron in the middle of the big pool "peddling" his noodle hehee ;-)
This week Aaron has school holidays, so he went swimming this morning with Grandma. She bought him a snorkel set in the weekend so he was trying that out.
Samuel enjoyed it today - was even smiling and laughing. :-)
Laughing with Grandma.

Thanks for visiting - hopefully I'll be back with some crafty stuff in the next couple of days.


mariam said...

hehehe yes he looks so serious. At least he is not crying.

Aaron looks like he is enjoying his noodle thingy.

Madison is so funny in that picture trying to strap herself in.

Lovely pictures Rachel.

Penny said...

looks so much fun & nice and warm(sitting here shivering in the cold!)

Shirl said...

I can see that Aaron is definitely having a blast, while Samuel is still a little apprehensive about being in the water, LOL...And funny to see her trying to strap herself to the deck chair! Thanks for sharing these lovely pics :)

Mrs Frizz said...

wow ... look at him, growing like a weed [figure of speech] ... sometimes those photos look like a spitting image of his big brother, but wow, some of the pics, he is a spitting image of his sister.

Sonya said...

Gorgeous photos...LOL at the taste test!

topkatnz said...

What great photos - ahhh, he's too little to be swimming!LOL

Serene Ho said...

Love the pictures!