Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Scrap-it-Lah October Challenge

This month the challenge at Scrap-it-Lah is to scrap about your handbag and it's contents!
Well ... my handbag has been put away because with all the "stuff" I seem to have to carry with a baby and kids it's no where near big enough. So my handbag at this stage of my life is a nappy bag hehee :-)

I was searching through my patterned paper stash and I found this K&Co off-cut (it's old!). So I decided to use that. Cut out a butterfly from behind the photo and used that as an embellishment too. And look that that ... I have even used some Prima crystal swirls!! (I am not very good at using them hehee).
Thanks for visiting.


Sonya said...

LOL at your handbag...I down sized to a smaller one a while back because it was just too hard to find what I needed at the shop counter...now I have a smaller bag its jam-packed and I still cannot find what I need!!
Love your page, and the paper and the way you have used the crystals :-)

teacher jessy said...

Well I guess when you have 3 with you is difficult to carry a frilly-girly handbag... LOL!! That is one cool nappy bag I must say. Love that you are de-stashing! I am trying hard too. :P

topkatnz said...

Heehee, that's so funny - a good memory to capture!

topkatnz said...

you know what's REALLY funny?? I have that very sheet of paper - one of the first I ever bought - never used - never thrown away!!

Farah said...

oh, I so get you..I don't even have time and chance to arrange whatever there are in the big handbag I have with me now, a must have items are a diaper, a big packet of tissue, and a complete set of short n t shirt for my toddler son in the bag..there were many times at shopping complex that I have to throw down my bag to chase the running son..what a real joy in motherhood :))

Chowchow said...

Guess what Rachel. I have the same pp. I remember buying them somewhere in 2004 or 2005? LOL... Guess you are better than me - destashing well. I always talk about it but getting around to it is a different matter.

Love what you have inside the bag. Reminds me of the big bag I used to carry around when my kids were younger. :)

Thanks for playing along with SIL.

naddy said...

Lovely LO rachel... Thank you for playing along at SIL :)