Friday, October 29, 2010

LO's, Kids & Halloween Part 1

First up ... managed to get 2 more LO's done yesterday for our holiday album (both of Maddison's birthday). I have no idea where or who's blog I found this from, but I found this sketch blog called Sketch Savvy and I like it :-) A lot of her sketches have 6x4 photos on them which is great for me with this HUGE pile of photos I have already printed.
First up "Baby Doll" - I used this sketch. Tipped it on it's side and because I had 4 photos instead of 3 I just trimmed them to make it work for me.

The scallop edge is Bazzil Just the Edge pieces and they were green but where I had stored them the sun had been at them and they were really patchy with fade marks .... so to fix it I got out my fav olive vine glimmer mist and sprayed it :-) No where near as noticeable now.
This "Wings" LO I used this sketch. Just used a couple of my many butterfly punches instead of circles heheee. Haven't done the journalling yet ... will probably print onto cardstock I think rather than hand write. Also used a Darkroom Door stamp that says spread your wings :-)

Do you know how extravagant I felt using all the bling on these butterflies and on the circle bit on the above LO???? Such a crazy feeling - I have lots of bling (in pretty much every colour!) but I felt naughty using so much hehee
Maddison is extremely stoked that I have used so many pearls on the butterfly LO :-) I told her to count them, but she gets to 6 and things go a little haywire after that! ;-) (She can count to 10 no probs when she's singing "once I caught a fish alive" though heheee)
And here's the "liddle fella" giving me a little smile ... he grinned and I grabbed the camera and clicked so unfortunately it's slightly blurry, but I still like it because it's so him :-)

Giving his neck a wee rest ;-)

Enjoying his new book from Grandma :-)
This morning at school Aaron had a Halloween parade with the elementary school and a party in his class afterwards. I walked down to join in :-) Here he is as a dinosaur bird. (I'll find the correct name of the bird and put it in the Halloween Part 2 post tomorrow!)

Showing the back of the costume - when he held his arms out it was like wings. Very cool. (p.s. the little princess behind him ... that's his girlfriend! ;-) hehee)
They had games. The kids were split into 4 groups and there were four activities. Aaron's first one was a marble race. They had a bowl of marbles and they had to carry them on a spoon and put into that little orange pumpkin you can see without spilling any!
Drawing on a balloon (I won't mention how many popped!!)
Aaron drew a few things ... ghosts (which you can see), people and scribbles!) and then asked me to draw a ghost and pacman! hahaa
Shaving foam mess! They spread it about, wrote their name in it, made pointy buildings, and basically got it everywhere!
Twister. Aaron got to spin the needle as there were 4 kids in his group.
After the games they had a lot of orange snacks :-) Carrot sticks, rock melon, twisties, little packets of pumpkin seeds, pumpkin & orange muffins, fairy bread, orange wrapped Halloween chocolate! The juice boxes were carrot and some other fruit :-) And in amongst it all were lots of little spiders! hehee

Sure was lots of fun. Tonight they are having a Trick or Treat Halloween Party at the school so we are all going - costumes and all! ;-) I will blog all about that tomorrow (Part 2). :-)
Guess what arrived at my place yesterday :-)

My box of fabulous goodies from Darkroom Door for my Guest Artist stint. SO MUCH stuff ... I was giddy I tell you! Looking forward to creating with it and showing you then :-)
Here's a few things I bought myself which I can show you now! ;-)

Okay I think I have rambled on long enough. Enjoy your weekend & thanks for visiting.


topkatnz said...

I love those pics of Samuel - so gorgeous! had to laugh about you feeling guilty about using too much bling - honestly hon - when is it too much??? besides, what's the chances that either one of us will EVER run out of scrappy supplies??ROFL

Penny said...

that box looks very interesting!! :) Congrats on your guest artist stint too!

Sandy Ang said...

What a lovely combination of patterns and those butterflies on your LO !
Hope to see you at my challenge -