Sunday, October 17, 2010


Yesterday Aaron and I went to Scrap-n-Crop for a Halloween Crop.Arty. On the way there Maddison was carsick (unfortunately she gets that from me :-( not nice!). After she was sick we gave her a clean container and she stuck her head in it crying quietly on and off. Next thing she's asleep with her head in there!!! What on earth! Thankfully she was okay the rest of the day.

Aaron & I had fun ... we were encouraged to dress up for "trick & treat". There was a Halloween display set up for taking photos :-) I took a couple of my little bear ;-)
and I couldn't resist one of the bear stroking his tummy hehee :-)
Unfortunately the little bear's mother had turned into a witch! (one of the little girls there told me my nose was awful hehehe - well that was the idea!!!)

Aaron wrote his own name tag and then got stuck into his Halloween candy!
He was the only boy amongst 7 girls!
I had to get a photo of the two witches ... Val & me.
I haven't got any pics yet of his finished album ... we are going to put photos in it from his school Halloween party at the end of the month :-) (I am looking forward to that!!).
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topkatnz said...

Looks cool! poor Madison:( still, at least she slept through the end of the ride.

Yeong Shong said...

that was fun!!! I really want to bring Grace to such crop party, but little Elise is still far too young to travel and be away from me...sigh

penelope gan said...

darn! i missed the cute bear!!!
i came much later - all the princesses by then were trolls!

Shirl said...

Poor Madison, good to know she's better after the ride!

I must say that's one ugly nose (it's suppose to be a compliment, LOL) and you're definitely one cool mom to dress up like a witch! ;)

I suppose the lil bear's tummy is really soft and fuzzy... I'd want to stroke it too :)

Serene Ho said...

oh I hope Maddison had a good time too. Glad she was better. And the costumes are great Rachel! Your nose didn't look too bad at all. It kinda blended into your face. LOL! I'm so envious you all had a great time :)

Penny said...

poor M... I sympathise.

Cute tummy stroking bear :)