Friday, October 22, 2010

United Nations Concert

Today at Aaron's school the elementary school had a United Nations Assembly and the kids from each country put on a performance :-) We got halfway through the second act and the fire alarm went off! Can you imagine a hall FULL of kids, parents, other little kids and babies exiting! It went really well though and wasn't that long and we were all out, with the kids in lines being head counted! It put the show back at least half an hour though which was a shame.

The Auzzies were making sure their kangaroos were safe hehee
Anyway ... the "Kiwis" (New Zealanders) decided to do a little skit to a 100% Pure New Zealand add (which you can see here.) Aaron was a surfer dude!

There were 8 kids ... most of them under age 7. We had 2 surfers, a tramper, a farmer, a rugby player and 3 little Maori girls.
Spot the little farmers gumboots ... cute huh! ;-)

To give you a brief overview ... the 100% Pure NZ add was playing on the big screen and the kids (and some parents acted it out). The blue cloth represents the sea and the mountains being "fished up"
Then the mountains being carved up ...
Aaron and another little boy were surfer dudes and they ran back and forward "surfing" on the stage ... so cute.
Then came the Maori girls, then the tramper, rugby player and farmer :-)
And at the end they all held up pieces of a sign to read ...
"New Zealand the youngest country on earth".

It was a great performance actually. I'd like to show you all the kids and the blokes that did the haka, but by the time I'd blur their faces you wouldn't get to see their moko's.
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Serene Ho said...

An exciting time indeed, especially the fire alarm! did you do the surf board? Tt's really neat!

Anonymous said...

awwwww what a cute skit, love that some parents took part. Had a giggle at the farmer gummies. But what chaos at the alarm going off, talk about timing.

Awww at what the kids have been sayingm lol at the christmas talk. Loved the photo shoot and the one of the kids on the banner is cute.

I loved the photos where Master A was picking up/cuddling Master S. Master S sure is growing up fast and loving those chubby legs.

Poor Miss M and the car sick thing, but what a classic photo. The halloween crop looked like fun, loved the outfits and how cool to have a corner set up for photos, great idea.