Tuesday, October 26, 2010

He's on the move!

Last Friday Samuel rolled by himself for the first time. Since then he's got it sorted and hasn't stopped! He's only rolling one way though at the moment (to his left).

Saturday I went to get him out of bed and discovered him like this!!! Little monkey.

(Excuse the chew marks on the rails ... that's from Maddison hehee)
Once he got his "deer in the headlights" look out of the way I got a tiny smile :-)
Last night I decided to forget about wrapping him and start using the safety sleep because he digs his heels in and squashes himself up against the headboard and then yells because he can't turn over!
So far it seems to be working, although he has discovered the edge of the velcro wrap bit, so I can see in the not too distant future he will work out how to get out of it! (then I'll use safety pins hehe)
Here he is during his morning snooze today :-)
Aaron had that little yellow giraffe and Samuel does the same with it as Aaron did ... chew it's horns and the manufacturers tag! hahaa
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Anonymous said...

Moving already - gosh time flies! I can't get over how much Samuel looks like both his brother AND his sister! He's getting so big now.

Both my boys used to LOVE chewing and holding the manufacturers tags on ALL their toys!

Loving all the layouts in your other posts, sorry I haven't commented on them all, have been so busy lately ...