Friday, October 15, 2010

Photographer ... I'm not

Mum and I tried to get some photos of the 3 kids this morning! What a joke! I wonder if they would behave for a professional photographer? I would hate to pay money for them to just be complete goofs! Aaron wasn't in a very co-operative mood at all. The best pic of the 3 of them is now my blog header! ;-)
Look at Samuel's lilly white chubby little legs hehee

This would have been better if Aaron had been in focus as well!
Same with this one!

Oh well ... try again another day ;-)
Aaron age 5, Maddison age 3, Samuel age 5 months :-)
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topkatnz said...

Heehee - love the one you've used for your header - but my fav is the feet!!

Shirl said...

I hv to agree that the one on the header is the best! But I really liked the one where Aaron is smiling back at Samuel...who is probably being held by the grandmother ;)

Anonymous said...

Awww, I really like them! They are fun and cheeky ... just like your kids! The feet one is super cute. And I love the one of Aaron holding Samuel :-)