Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wild Wednesday

Well yesterday didn't suit for the maintenance man to rip up the floors in our bedroom, so they said they'd come today and be finished, with new flooring down, by Thursday (this week!).
This morning started out sort of slowly ... Lyndon was a bit reluctant to leave the bed to visit Mr Gym, but he made it there eventually! ;-) Samuel woke for another feed at 5.50am, Maddison was up at 7am and Aaron at 7.30am.
During breakfast Aaron was very quiet and had flushed cheeks ... I took his temperature but it was fine. I should have known instantly what was wrong! Anyway he'd had about 2 mouthfuls of his porridge and complained of a sore neck. By questioning him we worked out it was his throat that was sore. So gave him some medicine ... 10 minutes after that he threw up everywhere. Yep ... I should have known ... over tired. When does he ever sit at breakfast QUIETLY??? I think the sore throat is just a side issue - he's tired and when he's tired he throws up. Nice ... (not).
So he sat on the floor in his bedroom with a big bowl while I took Maddison to school with Samuel snoozing in my arms. So glad that school is just downstairs of our building!
Fed Samuel put him to bed, got Aaron settled into bed ...

watching Tom & Jerry and then the maintenance men arrived to start ripping the floor boards up. What a noise! And the dust!!! I didn't realise they were going to saw it up!
So much for Samuel having a sleep! (he's frowning here ... no closed eyes!)

Our lounge currently looks like this
And here's a couple of progress photos of the bedroom.

If I had known there was going to be so much dust I would have asked for our wardrobe to be sealed off with plastic sheeting! Oh well ... live and learn (I'll know for next time won't I!).
I've already had the maintenance manager up here because the young guy who's doing the floor has been smoking in our room. I was not amused! I went in there as soon as I smelt it but he'd obviously finished! So I told him "no smoking - go outside". But I wasn't sure he understood me as his English is pretty basic, and my kiwi accent is difficult for them to understand hehee. So I phoned the manager and asked him to make sure he understood that he had to go outside if he was going to smoke. Meanwhile I have the air purifier going flat out!!
And amongst all this we have no gas to the stove as they are upgrading the gas lines into the condo so we are "gasless" till Friday night!
The joys of apartment living. :-)
Didn't get any scrapping done last night either! Samuel decided he would rather feed than sleep! (I tried though hehee.)
Right - off for another chocolate fix. Thanks for visiting.


Penny said...

so frustrating!

Anonymous said...

man oh man thats disgusting about the worker smoking in your room, ewwww. I think we take it for granted the smoking laws in this country. I think you need to have a couple more pieces choccie after your morning.

topkatnz said...

OMG Rach - hope it's all over soon! Samuel still looks very cute in his bassinet, even though his eyes aint closed!

Serene Ho said...

So much to do! I hope they get the floor done quickly. I hate smokers too and it's good you got him out of the house. Wouldn't want you and kids to breath in 2nd hand smoke.