Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day & other things ...

In this part of the world Father's Day is celebrated in June ... yesterday actually. :-) On Friday the kids bought home from school some things they had made. Aaron had painted a photo frame and made a card and Maddison had coloured in a picture and made a tie :-)
Yesterday the kids weren't in any sort of mood to be picture taking, so we did it this morning in between eating breakfast & Lyndon heading out the door for work! (No he didn't wear the tie to work ... he should of though shouldn't he!! :-) It's made of felt with pipe cleaners to bend around the neck hehee.)

And no matter how many times we pull Maddison's skirt or dress down for photos she always moves so it's all rucked up! Sigh!
Here's the card Aaron made with a neat picture of Daddy & Aaron on it ... Aaron is on the left wearing a red top (or cape and is that a crown on his head?? LOL) and Daddy is the much larger person with the huge pink "loin cloth". :-) heheee Love how Aaron draws fingers at the ends of the arms - there's no hand hehee :-)

On Saturday afternoon Lyndon and Aaron went off to a mall to do a few things. I stayed home with the 2 little ones. Aaron came home with this bunch of lilies and thrust them at me and said "Aaron's a good boy Mummy"!! heheee The flowers are beautiful they have little pink spots on the petals ... almost like someone has sprinkled jelly crystals on them! :-)

And an update on the floor replacement that was "supposed" to be happening this morning! Honestly I just can't believe it. 10am the doorbell rings and I think to myself, great they are here to rip up the floorboards. NOPE ... it's just the maintenance manager telling me that the floor boards have arrived, but they are the wrong size, so they'll come back on Thursday and Friday to do the job! We have already moved 80% of the furniture out of our room and are sleeping the spare room, so I asked if the floor boards could be removed today or tomorrow and then replaced on Thursday when the new ones arrive, rather than waiting till the end of the week to do everything. At least if they are removed by tomorrow then they will hopefully remember they have a job to come back and finish!!! (huh is that wishful thinking or what??) Fingers (and toes) crossed that it will actually happen. Oh and lets not forget the replacement of the water cylinder element! Lyndon got a call from the contractor last week saying they would be here at 2pm today to replace it! We'll see is all I can say.
At least the maintenance manager came to tell me that they weren't going to be here this morning. That's an improvement! Usually they don't bother telling you and you have to phone to ask where they are.
Here's to another great week! :-)


Anonymous said...

Nice at the pink loin cloth the mind boggles lol. Love how Master A handed you the flowers.

Oh know at the floorboards. This could seriously be a comedy series lol

topkatnz said...

mmmm, that's one gorgeous tie that Lyndons wearing - must've been a hit with his co-workers!!ROFL
I love lillies - now what was Aaron trying to cover up????

Penny said...

Loin cloth!!! :P

Yes, the tie should have been worn to work. hee hee!

Anonymous said...

Hehe, loving the pink loin cloth! I think he needs one made for him, it would go nicely with the tie. And yes, he should wear BOTH to work! :-)

Lovely photo of Lyndon with his 3 gorgeous kiddos! Hope he enjoyed Father's Day.

Serene Ho said...

The card is simply precious! And I just love the tie LOL!