Thursday, June 17, 2010


Aaron has been whistling to Samuel again ;-) (while shoving his dummy back in hehee). Would be a very nice photo if Maddison didn't have a big dribble on her chin ... I didn't notice when I took the photo otherwise I would have wiped it off!

Here's a few things the kids have said the last couple of days ...
Aaron came running to me this morning and said "Mum Samuel has done BIG poos, I know because I put his dummy in and I heard him"! :-)
Maddison said to me after finishing her breakfast this morning, "I have ice cream now"! (not likely!)
And this one is especially for my sister :-)
Yesterday morning Aaron was in a pathetic mood so I was helping him get dressed and I pulled his shorts up and pulled his tee-shirt on over his head and was trying to get him to put his arms through the sleeves, but he was too busy with his shorts and said to me "Mummy I not an old man"!! Obviously I had pulled his shorts up a bit too high for him (they weren't up to his armpits though!). I can tell Grandma has been here because she pulls up her grandson's shorts or trousers up to their armpits and says "are you an old man" heheee
Right that's it for today. Samuel has refused to have a sleep this morning and he's been crying out every 10 minutes or so! So much for me having a snooze! I think he just wants to be cuddled! (what a hardship!) :-)


Penny said...

haa haa - old man! :) We've taught the kids about wedgies...

Serene Ho said...

LOL! And by the way ... you are doing a great job taking care of the 3 children :)