Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Samuel is focusing on us now and he's given about 4 real smiles that aren't windy ones (he's being a bit stingy with them though as I haven't managed to get a photo yet!).
Lyndon took a couple of pics of him looking at me on Saturday night :-)

And today he's had a very busy morning! hehee I bathed him and put him in the bouncer while I got my bag ready to go out and came back to find him sleeping like this! ;-) "Oh my head" heheee
I bumped the bouncer and his little arms jerked out ... "I love you this much" :-)
Maybe tomorrow I will catch that smile with the camera :-)


Penny said...

aaah, that reflex thingy, can't remember what it's called. :) he's very cute Rach - you guys make sweet babies.

Serene Ho said...

beautiful pictures :)

Anonymous said...

He's so adorable!
I love that last photo with his arms stretched out. I think it's called the "Moro" reflex, Penny.