Friday, June 18, 2010

Caught it ...

That elusive smile :-)
Samuel was in the bouncer gurgling at his Daddy and holding his hand and I got several (or maybe a few more) photos of him smiling :-)

And of course the frown. His frowns are funny because he doesn't have eyebrows (well he does but they are so fair you don't notice them) sometimes you can't tell he's frowning hehee
I've been to the Dr's today with Samuel for his 5 week check up. He's put on 1.4kgs since birth :-) He has a very rotund little tummy hehee Okay - off to put him back to bed now.
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Penny said...

very sweet :)

Matthew & Amy said...

Gorgeous smile - loving the frown too! His hair is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!! Love smiley photos :-)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

what a handsome young man you have there! can i come for a cuddle? :D

Serene Ho said... fast? the weight going up? I hope whatever I'm giving you will be able to fit him. But he's a gorgeous baby :)