Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bed Time Reading!

Last night Lyndon put the kids to bed and came out of their room straight away. Usually one of us stays in the room till at least one of them is asleep, but the last week we've been seeing what happens when left on their own!!! It's been interesting - one night Aaron was under his bed with some books trying to read by the night light!! Most of the time we've had to go back into the room several times and do some stern talking and in some cases a bit of discipline, but a couple of times they have surprised us and gone to sleep relatively quickly and actually stayed in their own beds! Anyway last night Lyndon came out and shut their bedroom door. I was feeding Samuel on the couch in the lounge and didn't hear any noise (if they are up to tricks you can hear them!), so I assumed that they were exhausted (which they were) and had gone to sleep.
A while later (probably about an hour an a half) after Samuel was in bed and asleep I went to check on them and found their bedroom door locked! WHAT! Checked with Lyndon and no he hadn't done it, so got the key, unlocked the door and this is what I found ...

Two little darlings completely zonked out with books all over the place and the curtains pulled! Obviously they had been doing a bit of reading before they went to sleep and locked the door so they wouldn't be disturbed! heheee I can't believe I didn't hear them ... usually I hear Aaron's bed creaking when he gets out!
I asked Aaron this morning why he had locked the door last night and he just gave me a guilty sort of grin and said "I don't know"!! hahaa
Tonight I put them to bed and left the door open a notch while I feed Samuel :-) (sneaky of me ... but it worked!) They didn't get out of bed and they went off to sleep within 20 minutes :-) YAY for me.
It's especially a yay for me because Lyndon has flown off to Australia this afternoon for work and is away all week, so I have the job of putting 3 little cherubs to bed at night! (I have been spoilt because the last 4 weeks I have only been putting Samuel to bed.) So fingers crossed that it's not just a one off and they will be little darlings every night this week going to sleep for me!
Overheard ...
A sort of one sided conversation I overhead early this afternoon before Lyndon left (this is very typical of Aaron).
Aaron - "Dad, hey Dad"
Dad - "Yes Aaron"
Aaron - "Dad, hey Dad. Hey Dad I asking you. Dad. Hey Dad I asking you!!"
Dad - "Yes Aaron I'm listening" (you can't really not listen as Aaron is yelling all that out in one breath!)
Aaron - "Dad I really need to go on the laptop, 'cause Aaron's not feeling well" ;-) hahaaa
Ahh dear ... we get all sorts of reasons why Mr nearly 5 has to go on the computer, but that one and "because his leg hurts", or "I can't walk" are the most frequent ones!
Miss nearly 3 copies EVERYTHING her brother does & says! Tonight we were coming home in the car and Samuel started crying. So Aaron was chanting "It's alright Baby Samuel, we're nearly home, it's okay baby Samuel, we're nearly home". Next minute Maddison starts up so both of them are chanting it (very loudly ... almost shouting really) and Samuel's cries faded into insignificance! I was VERY glad we were only 5 minutes from home! LOL
Okay I am off to bed. Thanks for visiting. :-)


topkatnz said...

Yay for you letting your kids sort out their own bedtime routine - choose your battles and prioritize, they are obviously quite capable of sorting it out. Love the chanting story - ahhhhhh!! - form of torture that one!hugsHXX

Penny said...

oh yes - it's great not to have to wait with them to sleep. The monkeys locking the door though!

Lydia is my main ratbag. I sometimes discover all sorts of toys in her bed that she has carted in to play with. Having said that, she is also the one who will decide she is tired and take herself to bed. I let Tim read books before turning out the light occasionally. But most nights it's story and light's out for both.

LOL at the conversations and excuses! The laptop must be somehow connected with his legs ;P

Mine copy each other too. Mostly to wind each other up. I then get the "Mum, Tim is copying me" in a whiny voice.

Anonymous said...

lol at the being locked out of the room, I was laughing out loud at the state of thier beds. Classic....loved reading what your two are up too.

I hope the week goes well and bedtime goes well for all of you.

Serene Ho said...

it's great the children are sleeping on their own now. But it was clever of them to lock the door..LOL.