Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another Photo Catch Up

We seem to have been rather busy the last few days ... our friends have wanted to catch up with Mum before she left, so we have been very popular! ;-)
Discovered Mum taking some photos of Samuel ... oh no it's twins! ;-) heehee (3 weeks old in this pic)
Maddison has had fun dressing up in Aaron's bear costume ... but Aaron wasn't interested in getting into her sailor outfit! I wonder why! heheee

Admiring herself in the mirror! ;-)
The kids have been busy doing some colouring.

Being groovy with their shades on :-)
That's my Daddy with the camera!
Saturday lunch we went to a Chinese restaurant with some friends ... these lychees were part of the dessert.
On the way home we did some ticki-touring to check out some of the local real estate tucked in among the construction of new condos!!

Can you imagine the stench from this rubbish bin ... and under those big umbrellas were "shops or stalls" and some of them selling food!
3 motorways above the one we were on!
Sunday lunch we were taken out by some other friends to a dim sim restaurant.
How not to eat with chopsticks! (it will end up on the floor!)
Aaron drunk more than he ate!
Monday we took Mum to the airport :-( We left home about 10.30 am ... traffic was pretty steady. Spot the train?
Traffic was really scarce after about 30 minutes.
I think this is what we would call "in-fill housing" in New Zealand hehee ... the photos don't show it justice because it was hazy and I was just snapping out the window as we were driving. But you will get the idea I think.
So many houses exactly the same ... for miles and miles!
HAPPY (not) kids ... they so didn't want their photos taken - they just wanted to go back to the playground.
So that's us. This morning we haven't done anything much at all! Caught up a bit with the laundry and watched the kids make huts in "Grandma's" bedroom with pillows and blankets!
Grandma is back safe in NZ, but not home yet ... another 8 hours or so before then ... been a long trip home for her. We are missing her already ... but like she says, she has to go home so she can come back hehee :-) Thanks Grandma for EVERYTHING. :-) And thanks too to Grandad for letting her come :-)


topkatnz said...

Wow pretty 'deluxe' infill housing there - not!! gosh I would hate to see that around the town, let alone live there. Boohoo that your Mums gone home - hope you don't miss her too much! ahhhh, scrap that - hope you pine for her terribly and zoom back to NZ soon!!!LOL

Serene Ho said...

Samuel has grown! At first glance, I was wondering why are there 2 babies! haha. Maddison looks cute in the bear costume too :)

Penny said...

heh - I can see their eyes looking longingly to the playground!
Hope it isn't too bad a week for ya without your mum.

J9 said...

Love that first photo of master S. Wow the time went fast with your mum's stay. Love the shot of Master A and the sunnies. By the way I will swap your your greay sky for our 7 degrees? Your photos remind me of what a contrast Kuala Lumpur is. I find it fascinating.

Anonymous said...

I bet you'll be missing your Mum, but it's wonderful that she was able to visit and be around for the last few weeks. Samuel is looking bigger already! That "twin" photo was pretty scary though. Anytime you think a new baby is hard work, just look at that and remind yourself that it COULD be worse! ;-)