Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hot Wheels

This is the car that Aaron bought with his pocket money on Saturday :-) It changes colour with the temperature. Unfortunately over here it's stays bright fluro green all the time with the warm, so to get it to change colour ice works really well :-) They have been playing with a cup of hot and a cup of iced water and "painting" the car, but that gets a little messy as you can imagine (especially when the cups get knocked over!).
Aaron couldn't find his car this morning, but I discovered it just before bath time and decided it would make a fun bath toy hehee So they each got a cup of iced water and took turns at changing the colour of the car.
Step 1 - dunk in bath to make sure it's warm :-)

Step 2 - dunk it iced water to change it to brown.
Step 3 - be clever and just dunk half the car in the bath so it's two toned!
(Note to self ... don't ask Aaron to smile at the camera!)
Maddison's turn now :-)

The best part for me .... was a toss up between flicking ice cold water at them before I gave them the cups :-) heheheee and keeping them entertained and happy while I fed Samuel :-)


Anonymous said...

What a neat toy car! I don't think I've seen those ones here, but my boys would enjoy changing the colours. I think I like Aaron's two-toned paint job the best! :-)

Penny said...

Hey that's cool :)

topkatnz said...

Haha - I think the flicking ice water at the kids sounds the best!heehee

~Sasha Farina~ said...

that is so cool!!

Mrs Frizz said...

still giggling ... I would have flicked ice water at the kids ... in fact ... I'm sure that I have done that already - lol!!!

Serene Ho said...

LOL (about flicking the ice water at the kids). Mean Mean Mummy! hahaha. But it's fun to see them enjoying themselves. And the hot wheel is hot!!