Friday, June 11, 2010

School Holidays

The kids have holidays this week and I have been very lucky to have my darling husband at home this week too :-) (phew!!)
Monday we went to the airport, Tuesday we ended up having a day at home, Wednesday we went to a mall and the kids went to the MUCH requested "dinosaur playground"! I don't actually think it had anything much to do with dinos at all, but there are dinosaurs on their sign so that's what Aaron calls it. It was a bit like a Chipmunks playground in New Zealand. Thursday we went to KLCC Aquaria (which is very similar to Kelly Tarlton's in Auckland). So here's a few photos from yesterday's adventure.
This tank of fish at the beginning was neat.

A look at the top of the tank.
You can't really see her here as she's in the pram between Lyndon & Aaron (you might be able to a bit if you click on the pic to make it bigger), but Maddison had her mouth wide open when I took the photo. She was pointing out a shark and saying "ooookk (look) Daddy it's a shark!" hehee
Lyndon laughed when he saw this eel so he had to take a photo of it.

Taken from a viewing window outside of the tunnel.
A couple of schools of fish.

Mother and her children (not sure if Maddison belongs or not heheee ... why does she insist on being goofy when you want to take pics???)
After we'd been around the moving walkway 3 times we decided it was time to leave! So on the way back to the car we had a stop at a clothing shop for me (and surprise surprise I managed to get a couple of tops), and of course Lyndon's choice of shop ... watches :-) He was good though and just looked ;-)
While he was looking, Aaron entertained Samuel by whistling to him hehee (it entertained me as well!) :-)

"Did you like that Baby Samuel?" :-)
Friday - we haven't done much today. Kids have played around this morning ... Aaron did a bit of coughing (mostly fake!) so Maddison took off to the bedroom and came back with Bob the Builder & his torch. She shone the torch into his mouth to check his throat and checked out his back (they have discovered that Aaron has a spine and you can feel the bones ... Maddison's is too well covered hehee) :-)

Then Aaron read his dino book to Maddison :-)
This little munchkin was 4 weeks old yesterday :-) These pics were taken just after he'd had a shower this morning. Love his spiky hairdoo.
And the fingers :-)
And this is his big brother! This photo was taken when he was 6 days old. I think Aaron's face is a bit rounder ... Samuel's is more oval.
Ahhh you do forget how little they were!
Right - now it's raining with thunder & lightening and I have got a mountainous pile of laundry to sort out and put away, so better get to it.
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Penny said...

Looks like a good aquarium :)

I think you're right - Samuel has a higher forehead than Aaron did. Your kids have such cute spiky hair and so much of it.

Yeong Shong said...

Aaron is such a good big brother....

Serene Ho said...

lovely pictures! and you are right. Samuel's face is longer. but he does look great! I smiled at the whistling Aaron. He's such a nice big brother :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos!! I can't get over Samuel's spiky ginger hair, SOOOO cute! Tyler's hair was red from the start but curly, and took awhile to grow ... I love how Samuel's is so long already.

The photos of Aaron whistling to Samuel are ADORABLE!

That aquarium looks really neat, better than Kelly Tarlton's (more variety, perhaps).