Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Happenings

Floors got finished on Friday. So much for it only taking 2 hours in the morning! Ha ... they left about 4pm! Anyway the floors look good and they re-painted the skirting's and touched up the walls so it looks good. I can't say the same for the clean-up (they just used a dry cloth!). But anyway it was good to have it all finished and at least they had swept up most of the dust and wood shavings!
They were even kind enough to fix our front door ... here Maddison is checking out exactly what he's doing hehee Love her pose!
Friday night we went out for tea and afterwards spent some time at a toy shop, then Lyndon took me to a furniture shop that specialised in safes and cabinets. Aaron was very pleased with himself because he opened every single safe in the shop!! (so like his father!).

I loved the look of this little cabinet and immediately thought of storage for scrapbook embellishments ... Lyndon told me he thought it was a good watch storage cabinet. Hehehee ... can you tell we have different hobbies! ;-) (sorry for bad quality - took the photo with my phone)

The drawers were really deep - I didn't pull it out all the way.
Saturday ... Lyndon and Aaron went off to Tesco to stock up on nappies and cleaning supplies. Aaron decided he just had to spend some of his pocket money. So Lyndon helped him empty his piggy bank. I got all the 50cent pieces back to use in the dryer hehee (swapped them for notes :-) ). Aaron came home very happy with a hotwheels car. (I will save that for another post though.)
Sunday after lunch we tried (tried is the word!) to take some photos of the kids. Sure was interesting. I am VERY glad I wasn't paying professional photographer fees!
We got a few photos of Samuel then he decided to fill his nappy, singlet and the bouncer! So complete change of clothes and surrounds for him.
Then we moved on to a group photo of the 3 of them .... You can draw your own conclusions on how it went! LOL

Changed to different pose ... Maddison does the cross eyed thing for most of the photos where Aaron is holding Samuel.

And when she's holding Samuel and finally looks at the camera Aaron tries to cross his eyes (he can't though ... this is what he thinks is a cross eyed look LOL).
Here's two of the better ones ... this ones needs some photo shop work done in the background though.

Ahh well ... it shows the kids as they are doesn't it! Aaron with a fake smile throughout, Maddison just being goofy pretty much the entire time and Samuel just lying there thoroughly over it all! ;-)
Better luck next time I suppose.
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Penny said...

the photos of the kids are hilarious!!!! It's one of those thing that you just have to keep having a go at at random intervals eh. Sometimes you get lucky.

Love the look of that cabinet. I really regret not clouting down on the old card catalogue cabinets we threw out when the online catalogues came in. They would have been perfect.

Anonymous said...

Those photos cracked me up, love the expressions and they really do tell a story lol.

Yippe for finished work.

Oh nice cabinet, lol at the watch collection and scrapping supplies use lol - You could have shared the draws

Mrs Frizz said...

Oh wow, loving the photos of the family shoot ... way too cute ... and I'm still giggling away to myself typing my comment.


Anonymous said...

Oh Rach, they are so funny!!! I love the last 2 "nice" ones, but the others are CLASSIC! Out-takes are often better than the nice ones, and I can totally see these on a layout! What great kids you have, their personalities just shine through :-)

SCRAP-n-CROP said... are just kids....i cudnt get any decent pics of becks at the zoo either.....she chose to sleep when the photographer came over and then when they left, she was monkeying around again!!!! OH YES, scrapbook those pics!

topkatnz said...

Just cracking up at that MEAN look on Madisons face in the first photo ... especially following the sweet innocent pic of Samuel! Gosh she is looking like a grown-up girl. Glad all you apartment dramas are fixed at last. oh, gotta laugh at the cabinet - that's an impressive collection of watches Lyndons aspiring to!!!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha..i love those kids's very touching and warm watching them..:)

Tat's a good catch for the storage cabinet, Rachael..:) My friend's house has that and they use tat for CD'll be great for me to keep my crafty stuffs in there man..especially buttons, threads, embellishment..gosh...i'm so excited for u! :)

Serene Ho said...

so funny! I love the pictures of the children Rachel! They are so precious :)