Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I've been scrapping :-)

Last night Samuel went down for a sleep about 5pm (I woke him at 11.30pm for a feed)! So I got busy after the other two kids were in bed and finally finished scrapping the photos from this ONE day from our holiday last year I had 4 LO's left to do. (8 LO's later, 7 of them using the BG archaic range and I still have heaps of the papers left hehee.)
Lyndon was on the computer so I didn't do any journaling - I am going to print it all onto kraft cardstock in either a block or journaling strips.

Hummm ... wonder if Samuel will do that again tonight :-) hehee
I have NO idea why those last 2 LO's are on their side. I didn't do anything differently to the first 2! Weird - oh well you'll just have to put your head on a side! Sorry.
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Anonymous said...

lol changes neck from sideways position lol......hey that as a productive evening you had. Samuel, I hope you can do the same tonight for your mama.

topkatnz said...

Good luck for tonight!

Penny said...

Bet that felt good!

Mrs Frizz said...

you've been a busy bee on the scrapping front - looking fabulous too by the way ... loving the sand/beach pics that you have scrapped ...