Monday, June 21, 2010

Recipe Books

Penny has shown hers, so here's mine! :-)

I had a clean out of cookbooks before we left Auckland and put a whole lot in our garage sale that I didn't use and had no intention of using! Others that either didn't sell in the sale and I might use one day have gone into storage. I only bought a few with me to KL :-) Most used over here would be my 2 Alison Holst ones (red & green), Edmonds cookbook and the blue binder which is a collection of recipes I have copied from family, friends or favorites I've tried and liked from magazines etc. I use that a lot too :-)
I stick to pretty plain recipes to be honest ... sometimes I find it difficult to find special ingredients at the two local supermarkets and I don't have the patience (or time) to go looking further afield.

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Penny said...

I have a binder too. And a cook's notebook, both of which are filled with recipes from various places. I try not to write them in unless I've tried them and liked them. Well, that's the theory.