Monday, March 10, 2008

What's Next?

When ever Aaron sees us on the computer he says "What's next?" It's a jolly nuisance! So door to computer room is kept locked as he can't be trusted not to fiddle! He loves to look at little video clips (especially of himself), if it's a clip of him as a baby he says it's Maddison!

Another new saying he has is "No Share". This is said very seriously to Maddison, particularly when he's playing with Thomas trains and she wants a bit of the action. It's quite amusing to me that he copies what we say, but with a twist to suit himself! I tell him he has to share with Maddison and to give her a train and piece of track and then (generally) she's happy. But no, all weekend it was "no share, no share, Maddison". Then a few seconds later "No, no, no! (hand waving) No Maddison, no share! Maddison, Maddison, Maddison (shakes head)". (Yes he's saying her name properly now!)

So I have had a few private giggles and sniggers, while trying to teach Aaron that it's "yes share"! Oh dear ... could be a long drawn out battle me thinks.

He's going to school this afternoon! He's well enough to go, he runs at a hot temperature anyway (his fathers DNA showing through), but don't believe he's "sick".

Water is back to normal (well for this condo's standards!). Lyndon typed a big email to the email address on the apartments website, but as of this morning it hadn't been sent. We got an email back saying undeliverable!!! Is there some sort of conspiracy going on?

We do have a filter in the kitchen for our drinking water - took 3 months to get installed, so we have only had it just over a week. The installer said about every 3 months the first filter needs to be cleaned, so to give him a call. But it's very brown already! Good job water passes through 6 filters altogether before we drink it. We ran the water for over an hour on Saturday before the "brown" wasn't obvious.

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Penny said...

sharing time is always hard. ;) I don't like sharing my chocolate.

Cool new banner! I see you've been playing with settings :)

Ugh - the water saga. I hate to be an advocate of bottled water but with that sort of drinking water, it might be safer at least for kids. Thank goodness for 6 filters eh?