Saturday, March 15, 2008

Daddeeee's Home

Well all is peaceful here at our place ... all are sleeping except me! Lyndon got home from India this morning about 9.30am so was very noisy for a while. He had been shopping yesterday afternoon so was laden down with bags! He bought Aaron this neat carving of 3 turtles. (Aaron's really into turtles at the moment.)

I asked Lyndon to see if he could buy a costume for Aaron for their school concert in May. They have to wear an Indian costume so should be interesting to see all the kids dressed up.

He bought this little blue one with the while trousers. Aaron wasn't at all interested in modelling, so photo of that will have to wait. And this little brown suit :-) It is so cute, it has an orange shirt and a very funky cream tie! Can't wait till he grows into that :-)

Of course he couldn't forget Maddison! Aren't these racy little numbers!! Heee heee I can't wait to see her in these either - a little Indian Princess!

Oh ... Lyndon bought me a really nice top as well. I tried it on and asked Lyndon what he thought and Aaron piped up and said "it's good"!!!

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Penny said...

so where is your top? ;)

I love it when they pipe up things like that. Tim's told me I'm beautiful before. If he'd know I'd have given him the entire Thomas collection right then and there he might have repeated it. ;-)