Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Keep a Straight Face Mum!

Last night while I was getting tea, Aaron and Maddison were playing on the mat, next thing Aaron pushes Maddison back and she whacks her head on the tiles (tiles aren't very forgiving!). So amongst the noise she was making I was telling Aaron off, explaining that he wasn't to push, it's not nice, it hurts, Maddison's only little, etc. etc. He just stared at me the whole time!

So after Maddison's crying was under control I put her back on the mat and carried on with tea, and low and behold out of the corner of my eye Aaron pushed her foot! I spun round and said "Aaron don't push, how many times do I have to tell you!" Aaron pipes back very seriously "Five times".

I had to turn away so he didn't see me laugh! I don't think he really understood what I was asking, and the five times is probably a gross underestimation on his part! (More like 500 x 5!)


Christine said...

O my goodness, that is so funny, I can just imagine you hiding your face, I would have too...

Anonymous said...

No wonder i feel tired telling kids what to do - when you add up 5 times for every instruction for 4 kids - I think I have a very real reason for near exhaustion - and thats before I try and do anything else like cooking and washing adn tidying..... Bet you cant wait now until you have 4 darlings!!!!! LOL Sheena