Monday, March 10, 2008


Carol (in Malaysia) has been checking up on what we are doing here and I have some corrections to make to the delicious meal she cooked us all on Sunday 2nd (see original entry here).
It was:
  • Lotus roots with fish paste (not chicken! ... and yes I did eat it and it was yummy, couldn't taste (or should I say smell) the fish paste)
  • The other chicken dish was actually roast duck (tells you how much of a gourmet cook I am when I can't even tell the difference between them!!)
  • And I forgot to add there were butter prawns (they were nice too - didn't eat their feet though like Mr Bean did - well he actually ate an entire lobster and prawns feet aren't that big!!!)

Apologies Carol :-)

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Christine said...

Ha thats amazing you didnt notice the fish Rachel!! Lyndon probably did and sat there smurking and thinking hehehe