Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Finally ...

Today has been pretty much same old same old! But ... don't have heart failure ... I have finally completed Maddison's birth thank you cards! Yeah I know - I still have to write in them yet ... but I am half way there!

Lyndon is in India this week and gets back some time Saturday morning, so my aim is (we shall see) to get as many cards written as I can in the next 2 weeks. Of course it's taken me 7 months just to finish making the 90 odd cards, so am I being realistic thinking I can write that many notes in 2 weeks?? (well it's less than that now!) Maybe, just maybe Maddison will be a perfect little darling and sleep every afternoon that Aaron is at school so I can make good in-roads into them!!

Think I need to stock up on my supply of chocolate to do this task ... it's rather daunting ... and I do find chocolate helps all sorts of bothers! :-) (Do you know what is really depressing over here ... they don't have Cadbury Dark Peppermint chocolate! How sad is that! They obviously have no idea what they are missing. They do have other Cadbury choc though so I am doing my best to support the industry.)

In the mean time I am off to bed ... can't face writing neatly tonight!!!

p.s. Just because I mentioned I am missing peppermint choc, please don't feel you have to post me some. It melts! Trust me on this I know! But if you come for a visit ... you know what to bring me :-) hee hee


Penny said...

Yay! Big job underway ;)

Christine said...

aah as soon as I read this I thought right I will put some in the post to you!!! but then I read the ps at the bottom - what a shame, I would love to send you some.