Monday, March 24, 2008

"My Word"

Thought I would record some more of Aaron's sayings for when I get round to doing some pages in his scrapbook!

The latest saying is "My Word". I have obviously said it to him a few times in recent days, so he's been trotting "My Word" out to Maddison whenever she gets into something he thinks she shouldn't, or even if he does something he knows I don't like. (Hard not to laugh when he's saying it to himself!)

Last week he asked me "what does the chicken say?". I replied with the "Puuuck, Puuck" noise (how do you spell that anyway???) that hen's make. Anyway this morning at breakfast he grabbed a serviette that was on the table that had a restaurant logo of a chicken on it. He very gleefully said "What does the chicken say? (in high pitch voice) Pop Pop Pop". I just couldn't keep a straight face, I burst out laughing.

He's started talking on the phone a little which is cool. Today he picked up the phone when Lyndon phoned, I said "Say hello to Daddy". So with much heavy breathing he goes "Say hello to Daddy". He doesn't really answer questions yet - it's more repeating what I say (word for word in some instances!).

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Penny said...

LOL! It's funy when they trot out stuff and you hear your own voice in it! :)