Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Early Night? ... I doubt it

Well I was going to have an early night, but Maddison obviously has other plans! She's destroying a plastic bag and slobbering over the base of my craft lamp, so while she's doing that I'll update my blog!

It's been a busy couple of days. Over the last month or more we have been complaining to maintenance about our bathroom drains - very slow to drain away water from basin, bath and shower and toilet doesn't flush away (very unpleasant). While we've been waiting for them to fix it I bought the biggest plunger I could find and that has sort of helped, but yesterday morning Aaron and I had a swim in our shower. Water didn't drain away at all and my vigorous efforts at using the plunger only succeeded in pulling water up from the drain by the toilet so there was water all over the bathroom floor (I don't like to think where that water had come from - presume it was from our shower but not entirely sure!) Anyway at 7.40am I phoned maintenance and had a recorded message from the phone company to try back later! Finally got hold of him just after 8am and said it was now URGENT. Mr Maintenance said he'd be there at 9am! I must add he had been up a few days before and said it was because all the bathroom drains went to one pipe and that pipe had a bend in it so they had to cut the pipe and fix it! That was supposed to happen on Monday, but the contractor didn't arrive.

So ... at 10.30am Mr Maintenance arrived (I have learned that their idea of 9am is not my idea of 9am!!!) Much mutterings etc went on and then I was told not to use any water in bathroom until he said I could as they would cut pipe now!

Well I went out to lunch as yesterday A. Lois and Kathy (from India) flew in to KL, so I picked them up from a friends where we all had lunch and they came had the night with us. (They flew out from KL to Akl tonight - Wednesday.)

When we got back in the afternoon I was told it was all fixed (problem wasn't actually the bend at all, it was because the pipes were all full of concrete and plaster rubbish from contractors who built the place!) and he came and showed me how fast the water was draining away ... all except the bath! Oh well have to come back tomorrow to fix that problem! I said yes while you're here now you can fix the plug which I told you about 3 weeks ago! But no, that had to wait till tomorrow as well.

So tomorrow came (today) and Mr Maintenance phoned to say 2pm he'd be here ... they arrived at 3.30pm! So now all is fixed, plug has been fixed, water drains away from bath, basin and shower and the toilet flushes properly!!! Yay ... long may it last.

In the meantime I am still waiting for Mr Maintenance to repair the bathroom door in the studio room!! That's been 2 months ... wonder if it will get fixed before Christmas!

And just to top the day off, school phoned to say Aaron has a high temperature could I come and collect him please! He was happy as larry, but I bought him back home! After the rush of tea, bathing kids and seeing A. Lois & Kathy off in a taxi to the airport, both kids had temps, so decided to go to Doctor. I asked Aaron if he wanted to go to the Dr and he said "Ok"! Probably because he knew there'd be a kids programme on the tv!!! So off we went, waited for an hour to see Dr only to be told they didn't have a temp (should have asked him to take mine at that point!!) and maybe I was over reacting ... !!!! So I waited again, for prescriptions ... pamol, and headed home.

Okay Miss Party Animal is grizzly now, obviously wants more than a plastic bag!

Till next time.

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Penny said...

The saga of Mr Maintenance Man and his arch enemy Bob the Builder? Sounds like he needs a little encouragement in the service department!