Thursday, March 20, 2008

Scary Monsters ...

It's been an interesting & busy couple of days! Today was a public holiday (someone's birthday!), but unfortunately Aaron doesn't know what a sleep-in is yet! Our printer has been playing up, so Lyndon went off to check out different printers this morning and I put the kids to bed! Aaron was really tired and has a cough and a runny nose (again), so I lay down on his bed with him. After half an hour he finally went to sleep, so I crept out. But he was coughing in his sleep and about 40 minutes later he comes out, so it must have woken him up! Great!

He's into Monsters in a big way at the moment. For Christmas Nana and Grandad gave him the book "Where the Wild Things Are" and it's a favourite for Daddee to read (Mum obviously doesn't read that one right!). He quite often goes round saying "What does the Monster say?" Then he looks about and goes "GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR", laughs and runs off!! I never seem to have the video handy when he does this though. Today he was watching a Noddy dvd and there's a story on there about Noddy being scared of scary monsters (tree branch shadow, and shiny eyes (marbles) under his bed). Aaron loves this story and once he's watched it, I have to go back and replay it!! (Boring for me!) Anyway I got him out of the computer room so I could organise lunch and he's standing on the window sill in the lounge with the window open looking out, saying "scary monsters out there, one, two, free, oh scary monsters, grrrrrrrrr, go way. Mummy, scary monsters, what does the monster say? Grrrrrr". And so on. Then after a bit he comes to me and says "Mummy the scary monsters got my dummy!". I go "what?". So he drags me to the window and points, "Scary monsters got my dummy". Well the little brat had thrown his dummy out the window! So I thought to myself, hummm this is a good way to get rid of the dummy :-) hee hee. I told him "that's too bad, you should have been more careful and told the monsters to go away!". All was well until we were having lunch and he saw Maddison had her dummy, well ... you would have thought the end of the world had come! What a performance. And the noise! In the end I shovelled food into his mouth, cleaned their faces, got him an old dummy, put him on his bike, Maddison in the pram and off we went to look for the wretched thing! I have lost a sock out the laundry window and it's never been seen since, so I really wasn't holding out much hope of finding it. We had a good look round on the 6th floor - where the pool area is, but couldn't see it there, so I decided we'd check the mail while we were out. And low and behold there it was on the ground floor in the gravel garden. He must have really biffed the thing, because it had hit the canvas shades and skidded down to the ground floor. Couldn't believe it. So he was happy and I was happy because he'd shut up about the jolly scary monsters getting his dummy (yeah right!!) :-)

Hummm ... what else is news? Maddison has been really really grumpy today, and after close inspection we think she's cutting a tooth upstairs now. Ahhhh ... more sleepless nights!

Aaron has discovered he can push the keyboard stool over to the bookcase and can climb up and reach his battery operated James (Thomas train). Yesterday I caught him and he'd squashed Maddison up against the bookcase! One way to keep her out of the way I suppose. (You will note her matching bib! It's just so I have a photo that she can say to me years later ... "Mum I can't believe you dressed me in that - it's not even matching!") :-)

Well that's it for tonight. I am off to bed before Maddison wakes again.


Penny said...

the wombles got my dummy

Christine said...

Dummies are great...... until they are lost. Grrrrrrrrrr

Darla said...

Jonathan got cold sores in his mouth and Daddy blamed it all on his woobie (our word for pacifier). So out it went! Yay! He has relearned how to hum, something he was determined he could only do with his woobie in his mouth!