Friday, March 7, 2008

Before .... and After!

Maddison has decided to go all out with solids! Here she is "seriously" enjoying peaches (she'd already eaten half a jar of sweet potato)!

And here she is after her Daddy gave her a bath (and obviously poured a bucket of water over her head!)
Her hair is getting really long at the sides - just like Aaron's was at this age. Trouble is the long side bits aren't enough to put into pigtails!! Might have to resort to that head band yet (and just watch Lyndon's reaction! hee hee).


Penny said...

So cute - especially that second photo. I wish you luck keeping the head gear on! L removes hers as soon as possible and then asks to have it back in. Then takes it out and asks to have it back in. And so ad infinitum.

Sarah Patterson said...

Your kids are so cute and expressive! I'm sure those aren't the words you would use all the time. ;)