Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Toy :-)

Naa Naa Na Naa Na :-) I have got a new printer! Yipppppiee, (I am very excited if you can't already tell!) it's a Canon MP610. I am so looking forward to using it, being able to print my own photos (any size ... well up to A4) is making my brain buzz. When Maddison wakes in the night for feeds, I sit there with her in my arms with my brain whirring away about what layouts to do ... yeah I know I still have to finish those jolly thank you's, but they are coming along (honest).

The printer purchase process has been going on for a few days. Lyndon went off on Thursday morning to do some research and get some prices etc. Then Friday was spent surfing the web for reviews, and Saturday we went to this huge shopping complex, but it was POURING with rain like you wouldn't believe (I couldn't take Flat Stanley on that trip ... didn't want to drown him!). So what with the traffic, and the GPS not working, etc when the weather's like that it took us an hour to get to the mall, (only 10 minutes away normally!!) so it limited our time there to check out more than just printers! But ... I did discover that Canon put out Matt Photo Paper. (Of course it wasn't in stock - typical) In the mean time I just got a pack of 6x4 gloss photo paper - 50 sheets ... humm wonder how long that will take to use up! Ha

Tomorrow our car goes in for it's first service. Suppose to be at 1,000km's but we've nearly done 2,000! Just realised I haven't posted a pic of it, so here it is, it's a Toyato Innova, seats 7 (or more if you are skinny and there's no car seats in the back!!) It's a bit gutless, but who needs speed around here? Too many cars in the way! Nice to be up high and see over things too :-)

So busy days ahead this week! :-) Thank you's, scrapping, and need to finish Flat Stanley's wardrobe. Lyndon is going away ... he's not sure where or when though (and you thought I was disorganised!!!) hee hee

Bye for now.

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Penny said...

Yay! A scrapbooker without a printer is a musician without an instrument Rod says. ;) How wise.

Matt photo paper is cool. Best with matt black ink though. Rod orders his ink through B&H in the States but that's because Epson in NZ are hopeless about maintaining their stock. It's actually cheaper to do that which is dumb. He sometimes gets paper from them too.