Thursday, March 6, 2008

More little sayings of Aaron's

Must record these before I forget!

Whenever Aaron is tired and grizzly he calls out "Mummy, Daddy, Granma". Like he forgets who he wants so just asks for most used 3!!

When you ask him which type of yoghurt he wants (don't have a great deal of choice here!) "Mixed Berry or Mango" he says "OK" with this silly little grin! I have been trying to get him to choose one, but so far he's only progressed to "Mango, 'Ixed Berry, Mango, 'Ixed Berry"! Although the last couple of days Mango has been the preferred word.

Here's a little conversation from the dinner table the other night ... Maddison was swigging on her water bottle and she dropped it. Aaron goes (with the usual frown) " 'Addison where's the bottle huh? Where's it gone huh? Mummy 'Addison's bottle gone. Oh Dear!" Then his little arms go out with his palms up and the shoulders give a shrug (I have to get that on video cause it's very cute).

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Penny said...

Granma will be touched she is thought so necessary!