Friday, March 28, 2008

Good Bye Flat Stanley

Last night I finished typing up Flat Stanley's "Diary" complete with photos. So a couple of pages of "diary entries", and a couple of pages of guff and stuff about Malaysia (which I got from surfing on the net!), and about 2 hours later it was finished! Must say it was pretty boring reading! Poor Flat Stanley didn't get to do much with Aaron not being well. Anyway he's all packed up now in his envelope "suitcase" and is off to Buffalo in the States for a visit with another family with small kids, before heading back to his home in Illinois.

Maddison has had one sleep, Aaron is sleeping now, train track is all packed up and the dishes are still waiting for me! Cleaner comes soon, so better get my skates on as our bedroom is a pigsty! While I had my shower this morning Aaron was jumping on the bed and throwing pillows and cushions everywhere and Maddison got into the rubbish bin (nice!). I tell you nothing is safe around here unless it's locked up!!! I see the pile of towels I had folded up on the couch have been distributed throughout the bedroom as well. Sigh ... the little pets ... hopefully Maddison hasn't been sick on them!

Washing machine has developed a terrible whine in the spin cycle, so have rung and complained about that (machine is provided by owner of apartment). Don't want it to get any worse and the thing blow up on me!!! I said to the agent that I can't really do without a washing machine with 2 kids so if he could get back to me today it would be appreciated! Unfortunately I have discovered previously that Malaysian's watches seem to be a lot slower than mine!!

Guess what ... this afternoon I am going to write some Thank You's! Truly I am!! Lyndon is in the Philippines now, gets back Saturday evening, then on Tuesday flies to NZ for a few days then to Australia. So ... pressure is on. I must get them done before next Tuesday (save on postage you see - must have some Scot's blood in me somewhere!!!).

Bye 4 now


Penny said...

Hope your machine gets mended soon!

Folded washing get relocated here too. Or worn around Lydia's neck.

Angel Gurl said...

please dont tell me you are one of those woman who cleans before the cleaner comes??? lol I so don't get that. I agree washing machines are an essential, ugh!! Handwashing sucks. I bet the family who get flat stanley next will be delighted to read what he has been up too.