Sunday, March 2, 2008

7 Months Old

Well, I am a few days late, but here's a photo of Maddison taken this morning - 7 Months Old.

She still has a runny nose, but she's in a much happier frame of mind now those 2 bottom teeth have finally made their appearance.

She's crawling properly, loves getting into whatever Aaron happens to be playing with, likes to know exactly where her Mummy is (grrr), has a 6th sense if the bathroom door has been left open - she's there like a shot, getting used very slowly to solids - pulls some great faces which I need to get on camera, very good at giving big slobbers all over Mummy's face, "talks" (Maddison speak) very loudly when Aaron talks to her, likes getting into kitchen rubbish bin (now it sits up on bench!- the bin I mean), puts pretty much anything and everything in her mouth, after staring at you for about 10 seconds she'll break out into a beautiful big smile. Ohhhh ... melts your heart!


aussiehen said...

Oh look at those big gorgeous eyes. It must be lovely watching Aaron and Maddison interact and there's nothing like those smiles, they make all nappies and everything else worthwhile.

Penny said...

So sweet! She is gorgeous and those teeth are going to make those smiles even cuter! Hee Hee!