Friday, March 21, 2008

Flat Stanley

Denise sent us a paper doll named "Flat Stanley". A little girl in the States is doing a class project on a book they read called "Flat Stanley" and they made a paper doll each and sent him to a "host" family for a vacation! So on his way back from NZ to the States, Flat Stanley has stopped over in Malaysia. Here he is in his USA clothing :-) We have to take photos of where we take him and make him some clothing that reflects the country! Humm ... not sure what I will do yet, will inspect my paper horde I think for some Chinese paper and fashion a "high quality" (or "many quality" as they say in China Town) Chinese outfit!

This morning we walked down to the Plaza so Flat Stanley came along for the ride ... this is how he travelled :-)
He had his photo taken with Aaron at the pond with water lilly's and tiny gold fish in it.
And with Ronald McDonald - just to show they do have McD's here too.
And this one is for those that know me well!! Yes ... Aaron is trying to pick Ronald's nose. Lovely huh!


Penny said...

he gets around that Flat Stanley!

So do Ronald's boogers come with fries?

Christine said...

LOL I can just imagine you getting around with Flat Stanley!! Aaron certainly looks to be enjoying it.