Monday, March 17, 2008

It's Not Workin!

Recently we have been getting Aaron used to the idea of potty training (yet again!). At bath time he sits on the pot while the bath is being filled (in the hopes that the sound of running water will help!) - so far it's worked twice. Anyway tonight's efforts were very disappointing ... after sitting for all of 20 seconds, he gets up and says "It's not workin' Mummy, it's not workin'!"

Well what could I say? What really ticks me off though is I caught him doing woozles in the bath not long after he'd gotten in. Grrrrr ... it's not workin' indeed!


Penny said...

I feel your pain. Tim wasn't trained until after 3.5. I was convinced I'd be the only one with a 5 yr old in naps.

I got the "It's not working!" too.

Now I get a running commentry:
"I got poos. And wees." *straining sound* "Now some more poos".

At least he attempts to wipe himself now.

Darla said...

Don't lose hope, Rachel! Jonathan was 3yr3mo. He wet his pants today. Goes most nights staying dry, tho! I did the potty training in a day, and that was after we sort of tried a couple times to train. So he knew how to use the potty, just not consistently when. After we trained the dolly, he was so tickled with the treats he got when he got to the potty and went in it, that he was literally trained in a day. Good luck!