Saturday, March 26, 2011

Report from our "Kapawiwa" sitter

For those that don't understand toddler language ... "kapawiwa" in English is caterpillar. hehehe
So now we now why those caterpillars were soooo HUGE! They have turned into enormous big moths! How cool is that!! :-)
I got a message from Ms K on Thursday to say that 4 had hatched out of their cocoons. Today she sent me some photos and I thought I would share them with you all.

Aren't the colours beautiful.
It's a miracle isn't it how such an ugly caterpillar can turn into something so beautiful.
I can still hardly believe the size of them!
Thank you very much Ms K for looking after them for us :-)


Shirl said...

WOWWWW!! I was just about to ask if you had any news of the raccoons... and here you are with a post of beautiful transmorgrified moths! They are HUGE!

Thanks for sharing them with us :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my!.. they are gorgeous.. and what a miracle :D

Steeped in Beautea said...

wow those raccoons are such a different colour to the ones we are used to seeing. Wow they look huge too. Loved reading your post below, this is what childhood memories are made of. Sack rides, damper, silly string, slip and slides. What a great holiday you are all having. Master A looks so cute in his little swandri..... Janine from NZ

topkatnz said...

They are indeed quite cool. Now what? release them into the wild?

Penny said...


Mrs Frizz said...

flip - look at the size and the colour of those wee critters [big critters] ... you know what I mean.

And ... I meant to say ... fun on the sack rides ... cool!!!

Matt & Amy said...

Much better than those caterpillars! They are beautiful!

teacher jessy said...

Great learning adventures for the lil ones! Awesome
Photos :)