Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wednesday & Thursday Fun

We've had some busy days, the kids have had such fun and we've had fun watching them :-)
Wednesday my sister and her family came in. Grandma gave the kids sack rides on the lawn (something my sister and I used to do as kids, was such fun watching the glee on our children's faces heheheee).
ALL the kids wanted to be on the bike with Grandma when they weren't on the sack! Aaron is on the sack in this pic.

Scooting through the grass clippings ....

Round the corner! (sometimes skidding off!)

Wearing Aunty R's old sun glasses to keep the grass out of their eyes!

Maddison's turn ...

Winking to keep the grass clippings out of her eyes hehee

You go faster if you lean forward!

And shut your eyes to keep out the grass when Aunty's glass don't fit!

Late afternoon we went out to my Dad's hut and had dinner out there. Lyndon cooked sausages on the BBQ.

These two rascals watched Grandma build a fire to cook dampers on later.

Grandma bought a can of aerosol string and she and the kids had a laugh spraying Lyndon ...

and those that were a bit close ended up with it on them too :-)
Others just yelled "get me, get me"!!!

Mum made a cake (for a certain someone!) and our friend Ro iced it.

The kids helped spit ... oh sorry ... "blow" out the candles.

Then they cooked damper.

and when it was cooked filled it with butter and home made apricot jam! :-)

When we got home the kids had their bath and then watched and helped Daddy open some presents. (It's not Lyndon's birthday till next month, but we just had a little celebration while we were here ... mainly for the kids!) :-)

This little fella played with a balloon.

On Thursday my sister and her boys came back in. She had some things to do in town so we entertained 6 little ones ... very busy!! Grandma asked them to do her a drawing of what they had enjoyed yesterday.

Some just chewed the table!!

While others were very industrious! (although I am not sure what exactly she was drawing!)

Aaron drew a VERY large motor bike and someone on a sack behind it.

Grandma had the kids outside later in the day doing rolly polly's down the hill :-)

And cartwheels and hand stands on the lawn.

And then more sack rides and this time Samuel and I had a wee turn :-)

When Grandma had enough of driving round and round giving the kids sack rides she set up a waterslide and the kids had a blast on that (even though the water was freezing!).

Then they jumped in the hot tub to thaw out! :-)
So much fun and I have even more photos to share from this afternoon - but I will save that for another day! :-)
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Yeong Shong said...

wow...that's great fun you had there......

topkatnz said...

looks like you're having a great time.That's what kids are for-an excuse to do kid stuff!Heehee

Mrs Frizz said...

OMG ... it's just about Winter ... and the kids are on the water slide ... I'm feeling cold just thinking about it.

blairsboys said...

What FUN you guys are having! LOVE the pictures, especially the one in your blog header. Gorgeous!
Glad you're having fun here in NZ :-)

teacher jessy said...

Woot!! Such fun mo. Glad to see the kids are having fun. That cake is very cool!!