Thursday, March 3, 2011

I have a "raccoon" in the house!

The middle sized caterpillar was extremely busy during the night ... he turned into a "raccoon"! hehehee ;-)

When Aaron saw the cocoon this morning he wanted to tell Daddy (Lyndon is in Singapore this week). So we phoned him (and woke him up hehee) and I heard Aaron say:
"Hi Daddy, one of the caterpillars has done a raccoon and it's going to turn into a butterfly"! :-)

You can see here that it's attached itself to one of the dead leaves as well. It's still very busy inside moving about spinning it's cocoon - it's head is going back and forwards, back and forwards!
The smallest caterpillar was very busy chomping it's way through a leaf.

Still can't believe how fast they eat!
Maddison wanted to take them to school again today to show her "fwends". I took some photos before I left and noticed that the smallest one had started making webbing on the branch.
And the large one had been busy in the night too ... it's webbed all over the back wall and on some of the leaves. So I suspect there might be 3 "raccoons" by tomorrow morning! :-)
I sure hope that whether they are moths or butterfly's they are going to look a whole lot prettier than they do as caterpillars!
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annieambriel said...

this little fella is just gorgeous aint he.. reminds me of my days in the farm.. and school when we did experiments.. raccoon.. that is funny :)

razlin said...

that's cute one.. hehe

blairsboys said...

How cute! And an amazing thing for your kids to observe, they are lucky! I bet they will remember it forever!

J9 said...

raccoon very cute.....they have all been rather busy. Janine from NZ

topkatnz said...

well they ARE big ... maybe they are turning into Raccoons...