Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We are here!

It just that it's taken me about 3 days to get this blog post done!
So here's a photo catch up of what we have been up to ...
Friday 18th - Watching planes being unloaded and loaded, buses full of people coming and going and other little vehicles zooming about from the Silver Kris Lounge at KLIA.

Playing with happy meal toys :-)

Watching a dvd at Singapore Air lounge at Changi Airport in Singapore. (It was about a turtle and must have been at a nail biting moment heheee)

Taking photos of the sunrise at some unearthly hour of the morning somewhere over Australia I would guess :-)
This was taken about half an hour later.

Lack of sleep very evident when breakfast was delivered around 5.30am I think!

Look Mummy ... I got a milk! :-)

Samuel having one of his little snoozes in the bassinet :-)
On Saturday night the kids took a while to settle to sleep in the evening - was around 10pm and on Sunday both Aaron & Maddison slept in - Aaron woke at 10am and Maddison at 12noon!
In the afternoon they spent some time digging and playing in the dirt on Grandma & Grandad's lawn! Nice ...
Like a pair of little puppies!
They had a soak in the hot tub afterwards to get rid of some of the dirt :-)

Monday was a beautiful day - no clouds in the sky at all. Was fantastic. In the afternoon we took afternoon tea out to Grandad - he was mowing grass for silage. Maddison & Samuel fell asleep in the car and stayed that way for quite some time!
Aaron did some tree climbing.
Samuel woke up about 15 minutes before we left.

Aaron had a ride with Grandad a couple of times round the paddock :-)

He told me it was "really clunky" hehehee (I think he meant bouncy & noisy!)
After that we drove along the beach back to Grandma & Grandads. Maddison woke up when we stopped the car to take some pictures. Stewart Island was very clear.
The kids behaved like puppies again!

On the way home Grandma asked what we wanted for dinner ... both Lyndon & I said at the same time "Fish'n'Chips" :-) hehehee
So we went into town and Grandma dropped Aaron, Maddison & I off at a playground while they went and ordered fish & chips.
The kids had a great time on this flying fox. They had never been on one before ... but took to it like pros. Flying down the line ...
Hanging on tight because when you hit the tyres at the end you go flying up in the air!

and then grin like mad at Mum when you are done :-)

Maddison thought it was a bit of alright as well :-)

The grin says it all!
Helping each other to pull it back up to the top again.

Eating our fish'n'chips on the deck in the sun :-)

So that's our days up till Monday! We have had quite the adventure today ... but I will save that for another post :-)
Thanks for visiting.


Shirl said...

So much fun reading about the happy activities you guys are having at NZ! The photo with Maddison and Aaron biting nails is funny, LOL. Now you got me wanting to eat some fish n chips tomorrow too :P

Steeped in Beautea said...

looked like the trip over was good too. The kids look like seasoned travellers. Love the shot of Master S snoozing. He looked like so comfy and snug in his raccoon. Ahhh nothing beats eating fish and chips in the sun, bliss. Whoo hoo at the flying fox.

Serene Ho said...

Thank you for sharing your pictures! You all are having so much fun! Looking forward to hear more about your trip. Enjoy!

Penny said...

glad your trip over was without drama! Enjoy your stay and the last of the summer weather. :)

topkatnz said...

I'm actually quite amazed that you're blogging at all! the sunrise pics are amazing.glad you're having a good time:) wonder what the caterpillars are doing...?

Anonymous said...

Yay, glad you had a good trip and arrived safely! Hope you have a wonderful time here and enjoy our nice autumnal weather (which feels a lot like summer somedays, and winter others). Like Heidi, I'm surprised that you are finding time to blog at all! Great pictures!