Sunday, March 13, 2011

Caterpillar Update

He's still eating! I cannot believe how many leaves he's munching through a day! It's amazing.

A funny pose :-)
On Friday afternoon I suddenly remembered I hadn't cleaned his container and given him fresh leaves ... whoops! He sure covers the bottom of the container in "pine cones"!!! Mind you I am not surprised he poops a lot with the amount he eats!
On Saturday I asked Lyndon to get some more leaves for me (I can't reach that high up the tree!). He was very pleased with his find! The branch he got had 2 cocoons on it!!
I have noticed that when I carefully move the container to take a pic of the caterpillar he tucks his head down, hides his eyes in his chin!!!
I wasn't going to show you a photo of the other caterpillar, but on Thursday night when I went to check them I noticed that it wasn't actually dead at all!! It had shed it's skin and was (to use the words of Calvin & Hobbes) "transmogrifying" without a cocoon (or a cardboard box!!).

It hasn't changed much over the last couple of days. You can see it's skin to the left on the bottom of the container.
And this has nothing to do with caterpillars, but I didn't realise just what I was missing out on! Lyndon bought back these macaroons from Thailand. Oh boy they are divine! Particularly the red ones (raspberry flavour)! (Mind you it's probably I good thing I hadn't found out sooner ... my waistband is large enough!)

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Serene Ho said...

i would love to have these macaroons anytime! They look yummy :)

Anonymous said...

oooo.., the caterpillar is getting so huge.. its slowly loosing gorgeous green...
oh boy.. those macaroons looks GORGEOUS.. yums!

Penny said...

hmmm macarons... must make some more. I have plans for rose ones and maybe passionfruit.

topkatnz said...

OK, I think you're developing an unhealthy caterpillar obsession - have you thought of therapy????LOL AND are they all coming on the family holiday?

Shirl said...

My guess is that big caterpillar decided that its cocoon is too stuffy for him and decided transmogrify outside ;)

What a coicidence that you were having some macarons, I just made my first batch last nite, and thank goodness it was sucessful on a first try! *phew*

Anonymous said...

So the other caterpillar made a what are you going to do with them when you come back to NZ? I am hoping to serve macaroons this coming Sunday for afternoon tea. Love the colours of the ones that Lyndon bought you.

Matt & Amy said...

The caterpillar is gross! I am sorry - he gives me the creeps, especailly the HUGE one on the top of your blog! However with this training of keeping a pet maybe you will get a real one - like a cat!
What will you do with him on your trip - does he go too?!!