Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Far Out Brussels Sprout!

The little caterpillar isn't so little anymore! He's HUGE!! I think it may actually be bigger than the big one (that is now deceased!).
It ate a LOT yesterday and during the night ...
I took this photo around 11pm last night.
This was at 6.30am this morning!
And 9.30am he was STILL eating!
9.35am I cleaned out his container and put more fresh leaves in there.
So wonder what he does next! :-)


Mariam said...

Hehehe the picture in your blog banner made me laugh.

Oh goodness he/she sure has grown. He reminds me of my Dalya's fav book wheb she was wee...the hungry catterpillar! Catterpillara are hungry all the time. Hope he makes it. Sad about the biggy

Shirl said...

It's amazing how fast a caterpillar can grow! I think we would probably grow that fast too if we ate like a caterpillar :P

Annie@Ambriel said...

wow.. look at your banner.. it kinda look beautiful doesnt it.. though I dont like teh hair that sticks out from behind..

I can wait till it metamorph into a beautiful butterfly

Serene Ho said...

i love your blog banner! And so the story of the caterpillar continues....