Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Caterpillars ...

Thank you all for your concern about my obsession with caterpillars and asking whether I was taking them on holiday heheee :-) (Just imagine NZ customs!)
No they are not coming on holiday with us!! One of the teachers at Maddison's school is going to caterpillar & "raccoon" sit for me.
Lyndon went out tonight and got a HUGE bunch of leaves so hopefully she won't run out before the greedy caterpillar spins his cocoon.

He's still munching away merrily!
There were 3 more cocoons in the branches Lyndon bought back tonight. So that's a total of five cocoons in this vase, one in the container and one doing it's own thing with no cocoon at the bottom on the container!
Hopefully at least ONE of them will emerge when my caterpillar sitter is around so she can take loads of photos for me heheee :-)
And if I am lucky maybe there will be still one to "hatch" when we get back! :-)
Thanks for visiting.


Steeped in Beautea said...

well I will sleep easier knowing that someone will be babysitting them for you lol - Janine NZ

topkatnz said...

I imagined you getting back to KL and those giant caterpillars would be everywhere, having taken over the whole apartment! OK, I probably have seen too many horror movies...