Friday, March 11, 2011

Red & Black

Today Aaron's School had an Alternate Dress Day - they were encouraged to wear something red and black in support of the recent earthquake in Christchurch. There was a minimum fee to participate, but they could donate more if they wished.
When I found this out earlier in the week I was totally blown away. I mean an International School here in Malaysia raising money for our little country New Zealand! There are a few "Kiwi" kids at the school, but not that many, so for the school to do something like this really touches my heart.
I dropped Maddison off at her school a little bit earlier and then Samuel and I huffed & puffed (well, I puffed and he relaxed!) our way up to Aaron's school so I could take some pictures. :-)

It was so neat walking past classrooms and seeing a "sea" of little red & black clothed kids going about their work.
I asked my helper to take a pic of Samuel and I when we got back home ... it was too hot to put his black shorts on so he's in his black pram and has a red bib on hehee :-)
Will be interesting to see how much money the school raised.
This time next week we will be winging our way to New Zealand for a holiday. I do hope the airport will be open!
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topkatnz said...

Soooo cool:) and yes, baring another quake, ChCh airport is open. Will you be here for the 18th? National day of remembrance?

Anonymous said...

that banner is impressive, that caterpillar is such a poser lol. clearly loves the camera.

So cool about the school raising money for chch, that's so awesome to do.

Looking forward to reading about your blog posts from NZ.

Penny said...

Hooray for home visits!