Friday, March 4, 2011

During the Night ...

Last night about 11.30pm I took some pictures of the caterpillars (and the "raccoon") hehee before I went to bed.
The one in the cocoon was like this. He looks much the same this morning except maybe a bit browner.
The smallest caterpillar was enjoying chilling upside down in his new home (I got a smaller container for him/her yesterday). He/she hadn't moved at all when I checked this morning! It is breathing though :-)
The big fat caterpillar had been very busy yesterday working away making it's cocoon.
This morning at 6am it looked like this.
At 7.30am it poked it's head out!
7.40am started putting it's webby stuff all over the side of the container.
8.10am - still working away. I could actually see the very fine thread coming from it's mouth here. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth it's going!
9am - I took them to Maddison's school again so they could watch what was happening (so exciting for them!) :-)
10am - I just received an sms from Maddison's teacher to say it's come right out of the cocoon and is spinning away on the outside! hahaa Must go and take some photos :-)
I suspect (I could be wrong), but I think it's come out because little people are touching and moving the container, tapping on the side etc! It's decided it needs a much sturdy, stronger home! Very hard for little ones to just watch unfortunately! Their little fingers just happen to keep "accidentally on purpose" touching the container!! Sigh ... poor caterpillars.
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~Sasha Farina~ said...

not to say them!! i would be very excited TOO!!! lol..