Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Quick Update

Good news and bad news on the caterpillar front. The smallest caterpillar is looking really good. :-) Very pleased about that. About 6 hours after I moved them to the laundry it moved and started eating again. Phew! He/she looks much bigger and fatter now and looks a healthier colour too! (You can compare to the last lot of photos here.)

Unfortunately I don't think the big caterpillar is going to make it. After spinning 3 cocoons and then just lying on the bottom of the container, it seems that's where it's going to end! :( I feel cruel to think I might have killed it with it not being warm enough (25degs obviously isn't warm for caterpillars!!). I won't show a pic of the caterpillar on here - it's not nice, but here's 2 of it's cocoons.
The other caterpillar that's in it's cocoon is much the same. Have no idea if it got too cold for that one or not. Just have to wait and see I guess.
In other news ...
Once a week Aaron has a "news session" in his class. The kids have one topic (5 things about my Mum, my favourite sport or hobby, etc.) a week where they have to stand up in front of the class and tell their "news". I would love to be a fly on the wall to hear Aaron heheee
This week it was free choice. So Aaron chose to talk about Lego (he did Hotwheels for his favourite hobby!). They are allowed to take visual aids - but no more than 5 things (photos, books, toys etc.). So he took his big Lego books that he got at Christmas time and a photo (see below) of some "rockets" he's built! :-)

I love watching him build with Lego. If he gets a set he likes to follow the instructions right down to the smallest detail, then after a bit he's quite happy to break it all up and make all sorts of things. At the moment rockets are popular! Weird and wonderful rockets at that! hehee
I'll be back tomorrow with another "news" talk update (just have to get the photo to go with the story!).


Shirl said...

Just realised today that I've been missing out on the caterpillar update! Just too many things on my mind, I guess :P

A pity that big caterpillar may not make it, even after spinning 3 "raccoons"! Hopefull the one that's already in the cocoon is going to succeed in its transformation!

Serene Ho said...

Maybe there was too much movement that kind of scared them off. I hope the non-movement is just them transforming into moths or butterflies. Hopefully the small one will turn into something beautiful.

And I think Aaron's news time is just great! Boost his confidence level up and for him to build this lego rocket is just superb !!

Anonymous said...

awwww at the big caterpillar.....but that's good news about the small one. Awww at the morning news talk, how cute is that. Sounds like you might have a builder or engineer on your hands.

Penny said...

heh - Tim is the same with the lego. However, they aren't allowed to talk about toys at news time.