Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Good Afternoon Boys & Girls ...

Today I am going to tell you five things about my Mum! :-)

The other day I asked Aaron to tell me what he told his class about me when he had the topic "5 things about my Mum". So he told me this ...
Good morning boys and girls. Today I'm going to tell you 5 things about my Mum. She likes toast and egg a lot. My Mum makes me meals every day. She took me to the Dinosaur Centre. She takes me to Toys R Us shop. She takes me to the airport to Grandma's place. My Mum likes me. Thank you for listening to my news. You're welcome!
I think the "You're welcome" bit was for the class to say when he had finished! hehehee Pretty riveting stuff about his Mum though isn't it! :-) I am sure they were really interested in the fact I like toast & egg! hahaa
Last Friday I was at school and I noticed they had all drawn pictures of their Mum's. I didn't have the camera with me then, so took it today and got a picture of Aaron's drawing ... I wonder if you would recognise me in real life if you only had this drawing to go by! lol

Apparently I am playing basketball!! Fancy that! Oh and I have "peach" coloured skin! hahahaa
The teacher has written some things on the pink piece of paper about what Aaron said, so I am not sure that his "speech" to me is the one he gave to his class! It says "My Mum's name is Rachel. She likes scrapbook work. She eats toast and egg."
Tonight Aaron was colouring in a spider in his Spiderman colouring book and was asking Maddison if she had seen the Spiderman movie when she was a baby?!!!! She replied "ahhhhh no I didn't see that one"! (I just chuckle away to myself in the kitchen.) :-)

Maddison has trouble with M's and W's. Apparently Maddison starts with a W! If you ask her what her favourite letter is, it's a W. Tonight I tried to explain the difference between M and W to her and that Maddison really did start with an M. She listened then shook her head and said "I don't think so"! Classic. Anyway after a bit I asked her again what letter did Maddison start with and she said M, so something must have sunk in! hehehee We'll see what tomorrow brings! ;-)
Samuel has been enjoying some baby yoghurt this week. I think he likes it especially since it's cold and must feel nice on his sore gums.
Here's his top teeth.
And you can just see the 3rd and 4th bottom ones peeking through the gum!
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Anonymous said...

That's pretty cute - at least all the things he said about you were good!!

Love the photos! Just catching up on your last few posts ... can't comment on them all but I've enjoyed reading them and seeing the pics. Your kids are just growing up so fast, especially Samuel! And Miss M suddenly looks a whole lot older, too! :-)

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw that drawing I thought that's Rachel giggles. Yes M and W and V are confusing lol Zach has probs with V and replaces words with a v with a b lol. So what ever became cute.

Wow look at those teeth from Master S, he is growing up so fast.

The little caterpillar has become the hungry caterpillar. Have you read that story to the kids? I wonder if they would think that's what caterpillars eat??

Penny said...

Whoa - that's some banner you've got. Scary Caterpillar Monster!

Clearly Aaron is taken with your consumption of toast and egg! LOL!

Serene Ho said...

Oh I just love to hear "news" about your 3 kids :) Samuel is so handsome now. It's such a pleasure to hear our children talk about us and draw about us too. And do look sexy and slim in the drawing. hee hee!

topkatnz said...

I'm glad he thinks you like him....heehee...

Mrs Frizz said...

I don't think so ... love it ... M and W ... hhhhmmmmmmmmmm

and your wee man - wow he is mushrooming ... love that head of hair of his.

Safe travels!