Saturday, April 9, 2011

We are home ...

Arrived home around 11pm -after nearly 24 hours since getting out of bed! We had a reasonably good trip though and the kids travelled really well ... although we now know not to give them the orange juice that they serve on the plane as it's too strong! (Aaron did a huge vomit!) Poor little guy ... very glad I had packed a change of clothes for them in their trunkies!
Coming home in the taxi Lyndon asked Aaron where we were going. Aaron replied "home to our house and my bed is really waiting for me. It's been waiting for a long long time Daddy!" :-)
When he got home though he was so excited and went about checking things out, exclaiming over everything (e.g. "WOW there's only one strawberry yoghurt left in the fridge!" and "Oh my, someone ate the apple out of my goodie bag"! heheee)
Aaron and Maddison went straight to sleep though once they were in bed. Samuel took AGES to settle and I ended up giving him a shower. He woke at 4.30am and was ready to go. So I have been up with him since then and given him some breakfast, but I think he's ready to go back to bed. (I am too!).
Will be back later with updates from our holiday. I didn't have internet access the last week or so, but I have plenty of photos to share! :-)
Oh and for those that have asked about the moths ... yes they have been "released into the wild"! hahahaa Actually they were able to fly off whenever they pleased after coming out of their "raccoons". Hopefully I will find out today if there are any left to hatch.
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Anonymous said...

Welcome home! Glad you had a safe trip back, and that the kids travelled well (apart from the orange juice incident - poor Aaron). I hope you enjoyed your time in NZ!

Mrs Frizz said...

welcome home ... and yep, my bed waits for me too, when I've been away ... lol ...