Friday, April 15, 2011

15 April

Today is our 16th Wedding Anniversary. On this day last year I looked like this!
35 weeks preggers! I am pleased to report that I have lost 18 of those 20kgs that I put on during that pregnancy! (I had actually lost the 20, but I am blaming myself for eating far too many choc Easter eggs in NZ the last few weeks!!)
I didn't get a chance to get photos of Lyndon and I today - it just hasn't worked out, but hopefully tomorrow Aaron will be able to take some of us :-)
16 years aye! Time really does go fast. I am sure it's speeding up as we get older.
Today this little guy did some crawling in the foyer.

And some walking with his trolley :-)
He's so funny wearing those wee crocs (they used to be Maddison's). He will walk for a bit then sit down and try hard to pull them off :-)

When Aaron got home from school the first thing he asked for was the "little computer" (i-Pad) so he could play "Angry Birds"! I would like to link you up to a video so you could hear just how ANNOYING the noise on this game is, but after looking at several links on You Tube I couldn't find any that were as bad as the actual game!!

Anyway they had a few goes each before I had to confiscate the i-Pad because they were fighting over who's turn it was!
The kids had their dinner at 5pm and were pretty much finished before Lyndon got home from work. I had cooked a roast meal for us and it was actually very nice to sit at the table and have adult conversation without having to deal with the kids every few minutes! :-) We should do that more often! heheee ;-) I even splashed out and got a bottle of sparkling grape juice from France! Was quite nice too! :-)

(That is broccoli hiding under all that cheese hehee)
I forgot to record this the other day too, so must do it now before I forget! We were having breakfast and Aaron is busy looking at Lyndon, then he says ...
Aaron - Daddy your hair is white! Why is your hair white?
Lyndon - That's what happens when you get old, get married and have lots of kids Aaron!
Aaron - Oh
Lyndon - Mummy's hair isn't white.
Aaron - Yeah, but yours is!
heheheee Love it. The expression in Aaron's voice with the "Oh" was so funny. I did think it rather good timing because it was the day before Lyndon's birthday :-) :-)
Now I am going to see if I can shuffle some papers on my scrap desk ... I have been having withdrawal symptoms! Haven't done any scrapping for over a month!
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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!! :D
Aaron is so cute :D

Serene Ho said...

Happy Anniversary! Many more great years to come. And little Samuel is progressing so fast. It's amazing that we only read about his birth last year :) Have a great weekend!

Matt & Amy said...

Oh - Matt and I love Angry Birds too - it's highly addictive! Quite good for boring meetings too! Lovely looking dinner there - the good old Kiwi roast!

Mrs Frizz said...

happy anniversary my friend ... and as for that belly ... wowser ... dinner looks awesome ...

topkatnz said...

Happy Anniversary Baby! You were looking great in NZ!

Penny said...

Happy anniversary! And go you on the weight loss. :)

Heh - Angry Birds is very popular here. Also other games like train games, The little crane that could, Megajump, Sheepish and Sheepstacker.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Well done on losing weight, I know how tough that can be, and you've done it in a year - awesome!!