Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hair Cuts and iPads

Yes it was time for Samuel to have another haircut! :-) I would hate for him to crash just because his hair was in his eyes hehee

I finally got a chance yesterday to take him for haircut number 2 (the first one was at the start of the year). This was just before we left (bed hair and all!) :-)
And after it was over he got a turn sitting in the chair by himself. :-)
Lyndon's birthday present (iPad) has been well used! It's a hot favourite with the boys!
Maddison has worked out though that she can have the computer to herself and play Barbie and Dora games without interruption when Aaron has the iPad :-)
Daddy's starting the training already! sigh ...
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Matt & Amy said...

Gorgeous haircut Samuel! Am sure he will enjoy the iPad soon. Maddison's got it sorte on the computer too! You'll soon need a lab of computers - one each!

Penny said...

Yours is a geek household like ours :)