Sunday, April 10, 2011

First few days of our time in Christchurch

After we left Invercargill we had 10 days with Lyndon's parents - they live just out of Christchurch on a farm. The afternoon we arrived, Grandad told the kids he had something to show them in his vege garden. So I tagged along with the camera! :-)
When Lyndon is carrying Samuel he holds on to his ear, when I am carrying him he grabs a handful of hair and hangs on!

Grandad showed the kids the pumpkin patch and some little fairies (hehee) had been at work and written all the grandchildren's name on a pumpkin each! Here's Aaron with his one.

And Maddison decided to sit on hers!
They were pretty cool.
Then Aaron asked to go and see Grandad's dogs (he remembered them from last time we stayed in 2009).

April 1st we went into town and met cousins J & B at Chipmunks. Aaron & J had the best time on this huge big slide.

B (she turned 1 at the beginning of the year) & Samuel sat on a couple of bikes together! Samuel was holding onto her handlebar to make sure she didn't get away on him heheee

Cheeky grin! :-)
Maddison took AGES to come down this slide by herself (I had to go with her first and thankfully there is no photographic proof of that!! It was very fast and I had a skirt on ... say no more!)
Her and Aaron went down it together holding hands one time :-)
Chicken nuggets & chippies for lunch for Aaron
and Maddison.
J enjoying some fruit with the remains of some sprinkles off his fairy bread still on his face heheee
I am not sure, but I think this is the ONLY photo I have of the two girl cousins together! Shocking ... how could I have only gotten one!
Aaron, Maddison & J had a ride on this funny plane.
They all loved it.
Obviously it takes great skill (including tongue hanging out) to steer the plane! ;-)
While they rode on that Samuel & B sat on the fence and watched and Samuel bounced up and down waving his arms so excited :-)
Another day Grandad took the kids and Lyndon for a little ride in the boat he is re-building. It wasn't that successful ... it was a bit rough and the windscreen wasn't on so every now and then a wave would hit the front of the boat and they would all get wet!

(there were other dramas too, but they are best forgotten!) ;-) Maddison told me that it was really scary on Grandad's boat!
Alright that's it for today. Hopefully I will get a chance tomorrow to share some more photos.
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Steeped in Beautea said...

welcome home Rachel and family. Wow you had a blast. Master A looks so at home on the farm. Wow, Master S has shot up and really is starting to come into his own, he is turning into a little boy. It's like he shot up in NZ. Love the pram at your mums, sigh I want one of those.

Awwww at the cousins shots so the special and magical pumpkins....

Janine from NZ

Penny said...

Looks like ya'll had a grand time. Man those cousins look like their Mum and uncle L!

Mariam said...

so much fun! I envy your kids except the boat ride hehehe.

blairsboys said...

Oh wow, what awesome photos!!! Such FUN! The kids look totally overjoyed and excited, I bet they had such a great time. Cannot believe how big Samuel is getting (sorry that I say that in almost every comment, but SERIOUSLY, he is growing up so fast). Hope you've settled back home without any probs, and you're not too hot????! ;-)